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Social and Web Endorsement Policy

Social and Web Endorsement Policy

Due to an increase in endorsement requests the following policy has been put in place to define the use of social media and the HHC website for external advertisements and endorsements.

Harrogate Hockey Club will no longer be able to endorse external activities, offers and services as we aim to be neutral for all members whilst adhering to other commitments with our sponsors. 

Social media:

  • Posts and tweets are exclusively for internal club communications or agreed sponsor promotion

  • Retweets and sharing of social media activity will be restricted based on the above for the benefit for the club, its members and sponsors 

Club website and other communication channels:

  • The club website and news articles are solely for club activities, sponsorship arranged messaging and game related information

  • Club wide emails are to be used for club and sponsor communications/messages

Get involved with one of our teams or pick up a stick for the first time. 

Find out more about the club and what is going on. 

Have any questions, drop us an email or call to find out more. 

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities and the options this entails please email

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