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Safeguarding and Protection

Safeguarding and Protection

This section includes policies relating to Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in hockey and is inline with England Hockey. Please contact our welfare officer with any questions, concerns or to report a potential welfare incident.

Club Welfare Officer:
Stacey Hardman

Safeguarding Information
Juniors playing Senior hockey

In order to ensure a proper development and progression for our particularly talented young hockey players, the Junior Section has formulated a policy together with the Mens and Ladies Sections for the integration of Juniors into Senior hockey. It is: U16 boys and girls: All young players in the U16 boys and U16 girls A teams (maximum of 16 in each group) will be invited to play hockey with the senior teams.

There is no obligation. Should a player not wish to participate in senior hockey, they can continue to play as normal for their Junior U16 A team. Should a player wish to accept this offer, they will now be required to formally join their respective senior section by completing a senior membership form. The fee is £60 for the season.


The Junior Section does not support those in the U14s playing senior hockey. Although, exceptionally, some children have the necessary talent and ability, greater emotional maturity and robustness is usually required for adult hockey. We strongly advise against U14s playing adult hockey.


Warning to parents: Please be aware that the Mens and Ladies Senior teams are designed for and run by adults. Therefore, your child may experience inappropriate stories, bad language, collisions and other adult behaviour. They may be excluded from certain activities. The senior sections are responsible for the safeguarding of children in accordance with the club’s policy – a role they take very seriously – however, many children are not yet ready for the speed and strength of adult hockey or have the game play experience. Injuries do occur. Make sure you are confident your child is ready for the adult hockey environment before they play.

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