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Club Regulatios

Club Regulations

Members are reminded that they are representing the club on match days, before, during and after a match, whether home or away. The minimum level of behaviour is laid out below in the club's Code of Conduct. 


This club wants to achieve an exemplary record. Those who undermine our efforts in this area are risking their future with the club.
We expect umpires to be treated with respect before, during and after the game.
The cost to the club of dealing with any disciplinary matter will be borne by the player.
The club will deal with any disciplinary matters in accordance with the published Disciplinary Code.
The club will not tolerate abuse of any kind on the grounds of gender, disability, race and ethnicity, religion or beliefs and sexual orientation by any club member.

Zero Tolerance on Underage Drinking Policy

Get involved with one of our teams or pick up a stick for the first time. 

Find out more about the club and what is going on. 

Have any questions, drop us an email or call to find out more. 

It is forbidden for:

  • Anyone UNDER the age of 18 to purchase, or try to purchase alcohol on the premise. 

  • Anyone OVER the age of 18 to purchase, or try to purchase, alcohol for a person who is under 18.

  • ANYONE to bring their own alcohol or consume their own alcohol in the clubhouse or on hockey property. 

Failure to comply will result in immediate ejection from the clubhouse, suspension and further disciplinary action, including potential loss of membership. 

Child Protection

Players may be filmed on the club’s CCTV system. This is for security purposes only.


To maintain our sporting reputation spectators, are expected to respect umpires, visiting teams and their supporters.

Interactions with Umpires

Verbal or physical abuse of an umpire will not be tolerated.
Never argue with an umpire.
Anyone receiving more than two yellow cards for verbal abuse or dissent will be called before the Disciplinary Committee.

Pre Game

On match days please arrive at the place stipulated at the correct time. Ring the team captain if you think you are going to be late. Make sure you have your captain's mobile number.
Do not practice on the side of the pitch when another game is in progress. Use the warm up area. No one is allowed to enter the pitch area until the previous game has finished.

During the Game

The Captain is responsible for the conduct of their team for the duration of the game. Do not put him/her under pressure by poor behaviour.
Rolling substitutions should be expected. Substitutes should wear a different colour top from their playing strip.
During the Captain's team talks have the courtesy to listen to what is being said. Keep all comments positive.

Post Game

Weekly match fees should be paid to the team captain or nominees without them having to come looking for the money.
It is your responsibility to seek them out and pay, not for them to chase you.
You are expected to stay at the club to entertain your opponents and do any jobs required to help your captain, such as running the raffle or helping with teas.


It is your responsibility to ring your captain to find out your match arrangements for the coming weekend, including finding out if the game is on when the weather is poor.
Please keep your captain informed of your availability.


Subscriptions must be paid in full by the 1st October. Failure to do so will raise a surcharge and may jeopardise your selection.
Failure to pay match fees on time may also impact on your chances of selection.

Kit Bags

No kit bags to be left in the club foyer.


Although the club is insured against the risk of public liability, the club does not insure players against personal accident either on the field of play or travelling to and from matches. Members are strongly advised to effect their own personal insurance cover for personal injury and also for loss or damage to personal property.

Data Protection Act

Please refer to our privacy policy

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