Junior League and Cup Fixtures

Harrogate Junior Hockey Fixtures 2018/19

Yorkshire Youth Hockey League

These are 2018/19 fixtures - 2019/20 fixtures updated shortly.

U16 Girls  

23rd Sept | 21st Oct | 11th Nov | 9th Dec |13th Jan | 3rd Feb | Play off 24th March

U16 Boys

16th Sept |14th Oct | 2nd Dec | 6th Jan | 27th Jan | 3rd Mar | Play off 24th March

U14 Girls

16th Sept | 21st Oct | 2nd Dec | 10th Feb | 10th Mar | 7th Apr | Play off 28th April

U14 Boys

23rd Sept | 4th Nov | 9th Dec | 13th Jan | 10th Mar | 7th Apr | Play off 28th April

U12 Girls

30th Sept | 28th Oct | 9th Dec | 3rd Feb | 24th Mar | 5th May

U12 Boys

7th Oct | 18th Nov | 16th Dec | 20th Jan | 10th Feb | 24th March

U10 Boys

21st Oct | 25th Nov | 13th Jan | 3rd Feb |17th Mar | 5th May

U10 Girls

14th Oct | 25th Nov | 6th Jan | 10th Feb | 31st Mar | 28th April

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England Hockey Cup - U16 / U14 Boys & Girls

7 th  October - Yorkshire Preliminary U16 Boys & Girls (Yorkshire Cup)

14th October -  Yorkshire Preliminary  U14 Boys & Girls (Yorkshire Cup)

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We rely on parents to help with matches and are always short of team managers, umpires and general support on the match days. If you are planning to come and watch your children play matches, please consider how you could become more involved - please ask your age-group coordinator for more information. 

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