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Player pathways

Harrogate Junior Hockey as developed a player pathway strategy to facilitate the way in which junior players will be guided through the Junior Section and changing year groups.

Club Coach:
Jimmy Greenwood

Player pathways

Hockey is available for players of all levels and our aim is to help them find the right environment to develop and at a pace that is appropriate. Not all Junior hockey players will want to play senior hockey, but for those that do, the pathway is outlined in the Ladies Section Junior Pathway and
Men’s section Junior Pathway Documents.

Stage 1: Joining the Juniors

Registration to join each year opens in June. There are some limits to numbers in each
age group but we will always try to ensure everyone who wants to play can play. Although registration is on a first come first served basis, existing members will be given notice prior to an open invitation to new players. This should mean those that wish to play through all the age groups over time, are given access to do so.

Stage 2: Coaching and Match Play: U10s & U12s

All those registered will be able to attend coaching on a weekly basis. There are also weekend matches and tournaments. For these age groups, there are 7 a side tournaments which are held approximately every month.


Playing in these tournamnets is for all and each age group will enter as many teams as required to allow all to play, although not necessarily every single time. Some rotation may be needed, depending on numbers. The focus for these games is fun and so teams will be changed and there won't necessarily be a fixed A, B and C team. Players are expected to play in the team they are selected for and in multiple positions based on the requirements of the team.

Stage 3: Coaching and Match Play: U14s & U16s

As above there will be weekly coaching sessions. During these sessions players may get split into groups based on development and ability. This will often also form the basis for A and B teams for matches and tournamnets. There will be some movement of players between teams depending on how different players develop or require some reinforcement of tecniques. As much as possible teams will be put into leagues that match the players abilities and if there are multiple teams in one age group, they could play at different levels.


The over arching principle is to provide coaching and match play for all, at the most appropriate level.

Stage 4: Psysically and Mentally ready for Senior hockey:

Once players have reached this level, they will be invited to play Senior matches and attend Senior training, if there are spaces available in the Senior squads. There usually will be capacity, however other factors such as playing position will also need to be considered.


Initially invites will be game by game. There is no guarantee of a game each week at this stage. Continued selection will be based on merit, plus a commitment to train and play weekly.

Juniors who play in the senior squads will be required to pay a top up fee to cover the additional training plus match fees for each game they play in. Senior playing shirts will also be required (these are different to the junior tops).

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the club coach or the Junior Chair.


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