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The 4th team is comprised of a variety of players. The team represents a mixture of ability, experience and personality. The culture and spirit of the 4th team is fun, resilient and committed. 

The 4th team aims to finish in the top 5 of the winter league table. Having worked hard in summer league to build good passing play, structure and tactics, the 4th team are confident that this can be achieved.

With new players joining the 4th team, the team want to encourage the bond they have to continue. The team want the players to look forward to playing together and that team spirit remains at a high. 

This year the team will be coached by Chris Golding. 

The team supports players' personal goals as well as team goals to maximise team motivation and success. 

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All fixtures can be found on the Yorkshire Hockey Association Website Here.


Tuesday evenings from 730pm - 830pm.